The hydrosphere is the fantastically quirky light sculpture that you can bend, twist and pull into any shape you like! It features poseable and pliable arms that not only create a real one of a kind piece, but each arm features an individually programmed LED bulb on the end that cleverly reacts to sounds and music too!

Play your favourite music and watch as each arm flashes and fades to the tune, play a slow beat for the lights to match a relaxing atmosphere or a more upbeat background for a faster flashing light show, and if you prefer you can also set the hydrosphere to flash at random on a continual setting without reacting to any sounds.

This makes a fantastic gift for males and females of all ages from children to adults, as it comes in a variety of different colour variations such as purple arms on a pink base, black arms on a silver base and silver arms on a black base! Kids will love showing their clever new lamp to friends as it flashes to their favourite tunes and adults will appreciate it for its quirky appearance and mood enhancement that it will bring to any room!

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Hydra Lamp

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