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If you’re a little low on party tricks and really need to up your skills repertoire, Bright Bugz Evolution is here to revolutionize your party piece for good!

With just the right combination between incredibly impressive to watch and not to tricky to learn, these illuminated fingertip lights will make you appear like some kind of wizard with minimal effort. These squeeze activated fireflies for your fingertips move between the air, through your body and even into your phone, stupefying your audience and blowing minds. Simply swoosh them from hand to hand under your command, to create the effect of these crazy little lights moving through solid objects.

But the amazing magic doesn’t stop there, as this awesome evolution pack includes a 3D Holobeam phone trick, where a hologram is projected up from your phone using the Holobeam pyramid. The three dimensional image inside moves inside the Holobeam, and can become part of your wicked Bright Bugz skills routine.

Awesome fun for both children and adults, your impressive illusions will be never ending!

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